Helping 3-D printing users


We’ve not just developers of multiple 3-D printing technologies; we’re also active users of 3-D printing and understand your needs. If you’re a current or potential user of 3-D printing, we can help you…

  • Identify how 3-D printing will impact your business and industry.
  • Leverage 3-D printing to maximum competitive advantage.
  • Design your products to exploit the unique capabilities of 3-D printing, while avoiding the pitfalls.
  • Develop a 3-D printing strategy specific to your organization.
  • Sort out the confusion: help you distinguish fact from hype or fantasy.
  • Select and evaluate 3-D printing process technologies, materials, and vendors that best meet your needs, without bias.
  • Procure and deploy 3-D printing systems, integrate them into your facility and workflows, and train and support your staff.

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